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General Investment Account's (GIA)

GIA's are a flexible account which allow investors to access a large range of products and the flexibility to top up and withdraw at any time.
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Invest In The Right Place

GIA's do not carry the same tax benefits as ISA's but can help investors maximise their available assets and plan for the future.

GIA's aren't restricted by maximum contributions so you can make sure your available assets are invested in the right place regardless of the value.

Achieve Your Goals

Our advisers can guide you on the best way to use a GIA within your financial plan and will also give you a number of options for the investments available within a GIA. We understand the importance of pro-active financial planning and a General Investment Account is one way to achieve your objectives. Used along side Pensions and ISA's, a GIA can give flexibility to ensure your goals are met. 

Arrange Your Free Expert Consultation

An initial consultation is available and accessible to all new or potential clients, where we will discuss the services you may require from us. These services include the recommendation, implementation and, most importantly, ongoing review of the best financial/investment plan to suit your individual requirements.
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