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We are proud to lend our expertise as a revered independent financial adviser in Preston, a city known for its industrious spirit and thriving business landscape.

Drawing from Preston's resolute industrial past during the 18th Century, we utilise the same diligence that skyrocketed the city's fabric in the textile industry. Our years of experience enable us to offer you a broad spectrum of services, all meticulously aligned with your individual and business financial objectives. From managing your pensions and investments to strategising your inheritance planning, our primary objective is to help you sculpt a prosperous financial future.
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Wealth Management in Preston

We specialise in delivering custom-made solutions designed to meet and surpass your financial objectives. Guided by our professional advisers, we will aid you throughout your journey, providing key advice and support across various investment and savings avenues.

Our wealth management services in Preston, a city known for its industrious past and dynamic business environment, are shaped to resonate with such a hardworking ethos. These services encompass investment management, ISA management, private pension management, and inheritance planning. Furthermore, we can offer advice on private pensions if you're self-employed or a company director, mirroring the level of expert guidance top-rated companies in the city.

Securing your Pension in Preston

Steeped in the spirit of Preston's dynamic business culture, our devoted team at David Kneale is entirely committed to amplifying the potential of your pension. Your pension should not just sit in an account, accumulating the minimum interest. Our independent financial advisors will help you find the right products for investment to get the most from your pension and achieve a greater ROI than a standard plan.

As an independent financial adviser, we provide pension advice in Preston and help you find the best way to transfer or amalgamate your pension plan. This will ensure that when it's time for retirement, you won't have to worry about how well provided for and comfortable it will be—working with us will provide the best outcome for your financial future.

We Can Help You Achieve a Stable Financial Future

Certified and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom (FCA Number 228877), our firm provides unbiased advice with a keen focus on pension and investment management. We have assisted various clients in defining their financial goals and crafting practicable strategies to actualise these ambitions.

Our initial consultation with prospective clients is free of charge. This engagement is designed to familiarise us with your financial goals and understand how our services can assist in achieving them. Our experienced professionals hold in-depth knowledge and a profound understanding of pensions and investment management. Offering a wide range of products and services, we are committed to helping our clients increase their wealth and smoothen their journey towards achieving their financial targets.

Arrange Your Free Expert Consultation

An initial consultation is available and accessible to all new or potential clients, where we will discuss the services you may require from us. These services include the recommendation, implementation and, most importantly, ongoing review of the best financial/investment plan to suit your individual requirements.
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